Year 4 Outdoor Adventure At The Marine Park

Year 4 went on an outdoor adventure morning at the Marine Park. The outdoor education team had set up an orienteering course for us to complete, collecting letters from the markers which we would use to form words at the end. There were also activity stations positioned around the course with various team work activities for us to complete, such as getting a ball from one point to another point using drain pipes

Getting a ball out of a long drain pipe by filling it with water, only problem was the drain pipe had holes in it, so we had to use team work to plug the holes while others filled the pipe.

Getting out of rope hand cuffs.

Using team work to walk on "skis"

And solving puzzles with sticks such as making all the sticks touch each other at the same time and creating 4 equilateral triangles using 6 sticks.

Have a look at the photos from our morning,

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