On Halloween we all came to nursery dressed up.

We had lots of fun with Halloween activities in nursery.

Here are the morning children bobbing for apples.

Here are the afternoon children bobbing for apples.

Mrs Campbell made some pumpkin soup for us to try.

Here are the morning children trying the soup.

Here are the afternoon children trying the soup.

We also had a carved pumpkin competition

Take a look at the morning nursery children's carved pumpkins.

Take a look at the afternoon nursery children's carved pumpkins.

Both the morning and afternoon children have settled really well and are loving exploring our Nursery setting, inside and out. 

During our first half term we have harvested apples and pears from our trees but a sneaky squirrel visitor stole all our plums in the holidays! We dug up potatoes then chopped them into a pan. We all tried them boiled with butter on at snack time. They were delicious! 

Next we dug up carrots and beetroot and picked some beans from the school garden.

We chopped all the vegetables to make soup and the beetroot turned it a beautiful purple colour. We all tried some at snack time. Junior and Emilia loved it so much they had third helpings!

Each week we dress in our waterproofs and wellies and have Forest Friday, whatever the weather. We have loved exploring our small woodland area at the bottom of our school field and have so far collected Autumn leaves, Hazel nuts and sticks for our transient art in class. We’ve made Journey Sticks  and Autumn Crowns and have created some gorgeous artwork inspired by the season for inside and in our garden. 

We have been drawing self portraits which are on display outside our classroom.

We are currently transforming our play shed outside into a ‘Witches Cottage’. We have been having great fun making spells and flying our broomsticks. We enjoyed reading witch stories, writing spells and are going to make some stick wands on Forest Friday.

As Halloween is on the Tuesday after the holidays all the children in Nursery are invited to come in fancy dress for a day full of fun activities.




Numbers can provide a lot of entertainment for small children. They first become aware of the sounds of numbers, then they begin to understand what they mean. Finally they need to recognise them when they are written down.


Why begin Teaching Reading through Games?

It is vital that early reading experiences are happy and positive. The aim should be not just for children to learn to read, but to enjoy reading. Whilst games may appear to be an indirect approach, they do protect a child from a feeling of failure. By 'playing together' both parent and child are relaxed. Where a child could feel pressured in a formal teaching situation he/she will usually enjoy reading activities in a 'play' situation. This leaflet aims to give you simple ideas to try.


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