Our new wetsuits have been put to the test with the current weather. We all had great fun splashing in the puddles and exploring the snow. We made snow angels, snowball and touched the frozen ice. Take a look...

Christmas at Souter Lighthouse

On Friday the 1st December we all visited Souter Lighthouse on a Christmas adventure. We all sat together with Mrs Claus and elf Sprinkle Sparkle and they told us a funny story about Santa eating too many sprouts on Christmas eve.

We then went outside in search of Santa’s Grotto. Santa was fast asleep so we all sang jingle bells to wake him up. We told Santa what we would like for Christmas and he gave us a Christmas treat. We then headed back to the workshop and made a Santa decoration. We all enjoyed using  the wooden mallets and drills. To finish our trip we played on the outdoor climbing area before heading back to nursery on the bus.

Have a look at the photos from our visit in the Gallery.


Today at BOO group we explored the threading materials. We threaded beads onto string, Cheerio’s onto spaghetti and pasta onto string to make necklaces. We also threaded the bobbins and buttons onto string.

For our last BOO session we looked at Nursery Rhymes. First we explored the nursery rhyme booklets with our parents/carers, and then we chose puppets from the song bag and lastly we made our own twinkle twinkle little star puppets to take home.

This week at Boo we talked about families. We spoke about grandma, granda, mam, dad, brothers, sisters and babies. We talked about how every family is different. We then played with the doll’s house, sorted people and drew around ourselves on large pieces of paper.

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