Reception Look At Houses and Homes

You will never believe what happened in reception! When we came back from lunch we discovered our classroom a huge mess! We found some clues and set about working out who is was. After finding some sticks, straw, bricks and footprints we worked out it was the big bad wolf! We then found some selfies confirming it was him who trashed our classroom. We set about making wanted posters to find him!

We explored the story of the 3 little pigs and found out that brick was the best material to build a house from because it was strong and stable. We went on a local walk around Simonside to look at what our houses were made from. We found ours were made from red, yellow and some even had grey bricks! All of the houses were different shapes and sizes and we learnt some names for houses such as a bungalow, detached, semi-detached and terraced houses.


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