2yr Nursery

In our 2yr old room we value reading and try to enhance pre reading skills so children are ready for their nursery year. Through a daily story time staff can gage the interests of the children and choose stories that follow these interests. Recently children had shown great interest in ‘Shark in the Park’ so the staff planned a week full of activities linked with the story across all 7 areas of the curriculum.
Staff work with the children to promote listening and attention skills as well as their communication and understanding which are all basic skills needed to be a future reader.
Even at the age of 2 staff are aware of the importance of rhythm and rhyme and incorporate a daily singing session using puppets and instruments. There is a big push on traditional nursery rhymes.
Staff are aware how important parents are as educators and promote reading for pleasure through their nursery library system where children can borrow a book to are at home weekly.

3yr Nursery

In preparation for school children access a wide range of pre reading skills in their nursery year. All children take part in a discrete daily phonics session using Phase 1 Letters and Sounds. Phase 1 covers seven aspects ranging from listening and attention to rhyme, rhythm, alliteration and beginning to blend and segment. Phase 1 pre reading skills lays the foundations before recognising and writing phonemes and graphemes in phase 2.
Although discrete phonics is taught, through continuous provision and adult led sessions further pre reading skills and the promotion of reading for pleasure is an important aspect of the session. A comfy reading corner with a wide range of texts including fiction, non-fiction and magazines is always available for continuous provision. Text is displayed around the classroom so children realise it is purposeful for instance cooks books, takeaway leaflets and telephone directories in the home corner.
We also have a directed time between snack and small group time where children are encouraged to look at books independently each day. As a class we have a shared story each day and singing time. We recently took part in a nursery rhyme challenge.
Often Adult led sessions are linked with stories of the children’s interests which promote a love of reading, imagination and widens children’s vocabulary. Recently children have explored traditional tales, where they have used role play to re tell the stories, hot seated characters from the stories and came up with their own story endings.
We also take part in whole school events such as world book day.

The REAL Project

Lord Blyton Nursery are one of the chosen schools within the country to take part in the REAL project. REAL stands for ‘Raising early achievement in literacy.’ The project entails using home visits to work with children and their parents on a 1:1 basis to provide personalised activities to help progress. Ideas are shared between practitioners and parents so parents have some more ideas of how to help at home. The project also entails 3 family events. We have hosted a Polar Express themed reading event; we are visiting the library and soon will be exploring mark making with parents and children. We want parents to realise how important they are as their child’s first educator and wish to share good practice.


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