Pre Reading Skills:

  • Before the teaching of formal Phase 2 phonics we recap games from Phase 1 (taught in nursery) which is based on 7 aspects to develop listening and attention skills.
  • Children are surrounded in a language rich environment. Different stories, environmental print and speaking and listening opportunities are provided.
  • Children are encouraged to talk about their news, their home life and engage with their peers as well as their teachers.
  • There are role play areas both inside and out and small world play and imaginative play is encouraged in all areas. Any evidence of speaking & listening and or reading skills are recorded in the children’s individual Learning Journals freely available in class.
  • Children are assessed (for the first time who did not attend Lord Blyton nursery) / re assessed (if needed depending on age) using the ECAT (Every Child A Talker) screening. This screening identifies any gaps in speech and understanding and helps to decide how school can support this whether this is through intervention or by referral to speech therapy.
  • BLAST sessions are provided for those children with speaking and/or listening difficulties. These are daily 20 minute sessions for a group of no more than 6 children at a time.

Reading Skills:

  • Discrete daily phonics sessions are planned for, based on Letters and Sounds and using some Jolly Phonics resources, to develop the children’s reading skills quickly from entering Reception. Any children displaying difficulties are given extra support and the lessons are differentiated as necessary.
  • The children’s phonic knowledge is assessed on entry and then at the end of each term. Tracking is kept in the class ‘Assessment file’.
  • Reading for enjoyment at Story time is a routine before home in the Reception class which the children thoroughly enjoy. The books chosen usually link to the current topic but some children’s favourites are often included on request.
  • Parents are encouraged to support their children when learning to read and a Home School Record Book is sent home each Friday with messages to and from parents.
  • Home reading is started in Reception during the Autumn Term and a variety of fiction, non -fiction and poetry books (mainly based on the Oxford Reading Scheme) are sent home with a Diary for parents to note progress and difficulties etc.
  • Guided Reading in small groups is commenced when the class teacher assesses the children are confident and able. The books are chosen from specific sets of books which have not been read at home but which follow the same characters and themes as the home reading scheme and include fiction, non-fiction, poetry and plays. These books challenge the children to develop and consolidate their reading and comprehension skills.
  • The class practitioners listen to the children read individually as often as possible. Practitioners will listen to the same book which children take home to read so anyone struggling or any misconceptions can be supported. Focussing on one story at home and school then ensures children read for meaning and can enjoy sharing their book with different audiences
  • Parents are also invited to share some REAL (Raising achievement in Literacy) events linked with enjoying books and supporting their children with reading at home.
  • Displays in the classroom, outside in the garden area or in the school corridor usually contain links to reading, celebrate the children’s work and are usually interactive.
  • The children often work together to create class books linked with our current topic or interest.
  • Focussed play challenges are also often linked to reading such as our phonic dice game where at first cvc words can be squirted with coloured water, or built using phoneme pebbles, jelly letters, cubes, velcro letters etc.
  • The class visit both our school and local library in South Shields to take part in story sessions in the interactive story room.
  • Topics are changed each half term and the books in the different areas are changed to link with current topics such as in the Construction and Small World areas there are books about building and transport.
  • We have a specific Story Corner where the children can access their own books and read in our dedicated cosy area. This area allows children to enjoy books in a calm environment. This is also replicated outside in our Garden Reading Corner where a trug of current topic books are taken with cushions etc.
  • The children are very enthusiastic when it comes to any theme days such as ‘ World Book Day’.


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