Sea View October 2017 - Matthew W

Impressive Triumph from the Lord Blyton Warriors

On a chilly night at Mortimer Community College Lord Blyton faced Sea View after eliminating St Gregorys 8-0 which was a great performance from Lord Blyton.
Sea View started with the ball making great passes but Lord Blyton came in like a rocket and tackled Sea View with Carter and Alex working together for both of them to crack in two astonishing goals in for more goals.
Mitchell Smith was in space as Lord Blyton crossed the ball in for him to blast through the net just before the half time whistle blew.
At half time both teams went to their coaches and had a team talk, Lord Blyton were comfortable with the team they were facing so they knew that they were going to be comfortable in their second game of the season. The referee then blew the whistle and the second half began with Lord Blyton in possession.
Will they get an early goal? Lord Blyton sadly lost the ball with Sea View making an attack onto goal with Matty looking prepared for the ball, as they took the shot Matty made a dive for it which then deflected off his hands setting up for Sea View for a goal. The fans of Sea View cheered as Lord Blyton frowned (but that wasn’t going to stop them.) Lord Blyton kept the ball up the field trying to score as many goals as they could, also keeping the ball away from their goal.
After the match I spoke to man of the match Mitchell Smith to describe how it felt making the crowd so happy and making the goal so incredible. “I know the team very well, so when I saw the ball I knew I could place it in the net easily, it was a good cross, I also think Matty was unlucky for the goal.” After the interview with Mitchell, Lord Blyton walked out of Mortimer like they hadn’t been made to work hard, making Sea View ashamed.


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