Arrival And Collections Policy 2017-18

Arrival And Collections Policy 2017-2018

Our school will give a warm and friendly welcome to each child on arrival and ensure that they depart safely at the end of each session.


It is the responsibility of staff to ensure that an accurate record is kept of all children in school, and that any arrival or departure to and from the premises is recorded in a separate register held in the office, which all parents must sign when children are taken from the premises earlier than the usual sessions. Similarly, when a child arrives late, parents must sign the record held in the Late Office. The register will be kept in an accessible location in the Office at all times.
This process will be supplemented by regular head counts during each session.

Records of daily registers should be kept by the school for recommended years by Local Authority.


Both main gates [front and back] will be unlocked at 8.30am and locked at 9.20am. The pedestrian motorised gate will be used during the day to restrict access and protect the staff and children. At 11.30 the Wenlock Road gate will be unlocked to allow access to the nursery, internal gates remain locked to ensure the safety of all pupils. They will be locked again at 12.45pm. At 3pm the gates will be unlocked, re locked at 4pm when the majority of the children have left the premises. After this time, access to and from the premises will be via the main gate at the front of the school.
The main pedestrian gate will be used before 8.30am, after 9am, and after 4pm


A member of staff will be on duty on the external doors during the opening times for the school. These doors will be open from 8.45 – 8.50 am each day and 12.30-12.35 for nursery children and at 8.55am for all other children to enable children to be dropped into school. In this way information can be shared between home and school at the beginning of each day to ensure children’s welfare is given high priority.

Parents will not be able to enter school this way but will be asked to make an appointment at the office to discuss any concerns etc with the member of staff. During the drop off sessions in school it is the staff priority to get all children into school quickly and safely.
Teaching staff will be available in classrooms to greet the children and ensure a good start to the day. On arrival, a member of staff will immediately record the child’s attendance in the daily register, and send register to the office by 9am. Any children arriving after the external door has closed MUST come into school via the late office and register with the office staff.
If any children are not accounted for by 9.30am, office staff will endeavour to contact parents to ensure the child is ill and unable to attend and there is not a safeguarding issue.


If the child is to be collected during the day by someone other than the parent/carer, this must be indicated to a member of staff before collection. The adult nominated to collect a child must be one of those named by the parent. Only adults – aged 16 years and over – and with suitable identification, will be authorised to collect children. The adult will sign to acknowledge that a child has been collected. This will only ever be through the main entrance.

Permission and arrangements for children leaving the school at the end of the day will be a matter for discussion between the school and parents/carers, based on an understanding of a child’s age, maturity and previous experience. Parents are invited to make their preference known for upper KS2 children as some parents wish their children to walk home alone. School will consider this request carefully and discuss it with the parents. The school reserve the right to refuse permission for a child to walk home alone depending on the distance and the concerns of the school.
All children must be collected from clubs by an adult during the months November to April, as it is dark and the roads dangerous unless already agreed by a member of staff..
Children will be dismissed by the club facilitator to the parent/carer.

No adult other than those named will be allowed to leave the school with a child. In the event that someone else should arrive without prior knowledge, the school will telephone the parent/carer immediately and await their advice.

If the parent/carer or alternative nominated adult is going to be late to collect their child, staff must be informed of this on arrival. If the designated adult is late in picking up their child without prior warning, the provisions of the Uncollected Children policy will be activated.

All staff will accompany children to the gate/door.  KS1 parents will have nominated a gate at the start of the year. All children not collected within 5 minutes are to be brought into school where it is safe and warm by the teacher. They will then be brought to the office area while we investigate where parent/carers are.

All children in KS2 are to be taught to return to school if the person collecting them is not at the designated place.

In nursery and reception a password system operates for any adult other than a named parent or carer for the collection of the children.

In nursery parents are asked to make a queue so that the children can be handed over to the parent/carers safely. Older siblings are not to enter the nursery teaching spaces.


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