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Communications Network

Acceptable Use Policy


Our school uses Northern Grid for Learning’s Network and Easynet Service to access the broadband internet.  We are required to comply with the NGFL’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) which must be signed and agreed by the Head Teacher.  The requirements of this policy are also included in the school’s own detailed policy with additions pertaining to the school itself.


All adult users of the school network and internet must sign this agreement before being allowed access to the school services.  Pupil users will sign and agree to acceptable user rules and procedures appropriate to their age and understanding.


Unlawful and Illegal Use


As a user agree to use the service for lawful purposes only and not to use the Service to send or receive materials or data, which is:


o   in violation of any law or regulation

o   which is defamatory, offensive, abusive, indecent, obscene

o   which constitutes harassment

o   is in breach of confidence, privacy, trade secrets

o   is in breach of any third party Intellectual Property rights (including copyright)

o   is in breach of any other rights or has any fraudulent purpose of effect.


You are prohibited from storing, distributing or transmitting or permitting the storage distribution or transmission (whether intentionally or otherwise) of, any unlawful material through the Service.

Examples of unlawful material include:


  • direct threats of physical harm
  • hardcore and child abuse images
  • copyrighted, trademarked and other proprietary material used without proper authorisation


You may not post, upload or otherwise distribute or permit the posting, uploading or distribution (whether intentionally or otherwise) of copyrighted material on our servers without the consent of the copyright holder.   You must give acknowledgement to the source wherever such material is used.


In the event that the school, NGFL or Easynet become aware of any breach of this clause, action may be taken.  The storage, distribution, or transmission of unlawful materials could also lead to UK authorities alleging criminal liability.



Violations of system or network security


Any violations of systems or network security are prohibited, and may result in the user facing criminal and civil liability. The school and Northern Grid will investigate incidents involving such violations and will inform and co-operate with the relevant law enforcement organisations if a criminal violation is suspected.  The user may be refused access to the network as a result of any breach of security.  Violations may include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Unauthorised access to or use of data, systems or networks, including any attempt to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network
  • Unauthorised monitoring of data or traffic on any network or system without express authorisation of the owner of the system or network
  • Interfering with any user, host or network including mail-bombing, flooding, and deliberate attempts to overload a system and broadcast attacks.


All machines connected to the Northern Grid network must have full up to date and appropriate virus protection.  No user should try to remove or alter this software.  Any violation will mean immediate removal of access.


No machine should be connected to the internet without protection.  Any machine found to be infecting the   Local Area Network (LAN) must be immediately disconnected, cleaned and not reconnected to the LAN until fully checked by an authorised school officer.


All users must log in to the school LAN and use the Northern Grid network to access the internet.  No other method of access is permitted.


All users must log in to the school LAN and the internet using user name and password provided.  These must be kept secure, and no-one should give their user details to another to use.  Any limitations in log in should be notified to the network administrator immediately.  Breach may mean access is denied. 


Visitors to the network will also be given a user name and password.  These will be rescinded when the visitor leaves.  Any files or documents will be kept for a short while, up to 3 months, and then deleted from the system. 


Users taking part in parent courses will have access to shared area monitored by the tutor.


Access to the LAN will be granted at various levels deemed appropriate to the level of need of the user, ie: pupils, governors and parents will have differing needs and access levels to staff.  Higher access levels are granted to administrator and technician.


Any work conducted on the network must be supervised by technician, administrator or agent of the NGFL or LEA.  All software must be installed by an authorised person or their agent.


Users should not share logins or passwords.  Passwords should be changed regularly.


All machines should be locked or logged out when unattended.  Staff should also follow the policy of the school for security of the premises and equipment on it.



Pupils or staff leaving the school network


Logins will be cancelled within 1 week.  Files should be transferred to the new teacher/school if appropriate.  Files will be stored for a short while, 3 months, then deleted.


Video conferencing and weblinks


The school takes part in communications with other schools via video conferencing or dedicated websites.  This must only be done with teacher supervision.  The school only uses secure sites and JVCS wherever possible.


Uploading material


Permission will be obtained before uploading video or photos on the internet.  Pupils uploading material will be moderated by a teacher before posting.  All users must remember that posted material represents the school and should not bring the school into disrepute.


Mobile Devices


Mobile devices such as phones, ipads, PDA’s, PSP’s, E-books, web books, MP3 players, Nintendo DS, flash drives, portable hard drives and laptops may be used in school for educational purposes.  Users must follow the guidance for connecting to the school network and accessing the internet. 


Pupils may only send and receive files using portable devices, Bluetooth or the internet under supervision of the teacher and as part of their education.  Pupils who bring personal mobile devices into school will be required to follow health and safety guidelines and give the device to a member of staff for safekeeping. 


Staff may use personal portable devices to further their teaching responsibilities during directed time.  Staff should ensure that Bluetooth is turned off or hidden and that private use of mobile technologies is carried out in a responsible manner. 


Email Use


You must use the e-mail address issued by the school for employment purposes only.


You may not send e-mail to any user who does not wish to receive it.  Users must refrain from sending further e-mail to a user after receiving a request to stop.


Chain letters, flood e-mails and mail bombs may not be propagated using the Service. You may not operate or assist in any way whatsoever any web site, email address, email service, ftp service or any other online service, which is advertised or promoted by means of Unsolicited Bulk Email


You may not use false e-mail headers or alter the headers of e-mail messages to conceal their e-mail address or to prevent Internet users from responding to messages. You may not use any email address that you are not authorised to use.


E-mail sent through the school service is deemed to be representing the school.  As such any e-mail must not contain defamatory remarks, offensive language or other inappropriate material.


Attachments may only be opened if you are certain they do not contain any virus or other damaging content. 


World wide web usage


All access to the Internet is filtered via a Cachepilot or a similar proxy server.


The school monitor internet sites visited and may prohibit access to some sites deemed unacceptable or inappropriate. 


All Internet usage from the Northern Grid network is monitored and logged and a log is kept of all sites visited. When specific circumstances of abuse warrant it, individual web sessions will be investigated and traced to the relevant site and user account. Such an investigation may result in action and possibly criminal investigation.


Copyrights and licensing conditions must be observed when downloading software and fixes from the web sites ofauthorisedsoftware suppliers. Such files must never be transmitted or redistributed to third parties without the express permission of the copyright owner.


The laws of all nation states, regulating such diverse subjects as intellectual property, fraud, defamation, pornography, insurance, banking, financial services and tax, apply equally to on-line activities.


Documents or material must not be published or accessed on the web which are defamatory or which may constitute intimidating, hostile or offensive material on the basis of sex, race,colour, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability under the sovereign law of the country in which the web server hosting the published material is sited.





Disciplinary and Related Action


The school wishes to promote the highest standards in relation to good practice and security in the use of information technology. Consequently it expects and supports the integrity of its users.  The school system is monitored on a regular basis and any misuse is reported and followed through.


In exceptional circumstances, where there are reasonable grounds to suspect that a user has committed a serious criminal offence, the police will be informed and a criminal prosecution may follow.  The school will also assist where necessary should an investigation be called for by the police.


In other instances the user may be restricted from using the service for a period determined by the Head.  Disciplinary action may also be taken.


All cases of inappropriate use are logged in the E-Safety Log, held in the Office.  All cases of sites deemed inappropriate by the school and the action taken are also held on file.



Storage of Information


Digital images may only be stored on the LAN in recognized files.  These will be detailed with date and title of school event.  Should users need to store images in local document folders these will be kept to a minimum and kept public.  No images will be stored in private or password protected areas of the network.


School images stored on teacher laptops will also be in an identifiable folder clearly visible on the desktop.  Images will be kept for teaching purposes only.  Any publication of images will conform to the school policy.  Individuals will not be identifiable by name or year group unless parental permission is obtained.  Work may be identified by Christian name and year group only, however it should preferably remain anonymous.


Data files, resources and planning files will be stored in clearly labelled folders and handed over if the member of staff leaves.  Storage of pupil information follows guidance in the data protection act.  Files may be transferred on USB sticks only if the USB stick has been encrypted.  Files should be uploaded to named folders and not remain on USB sticks for more than 1 month.


Access to inappropriate material and reporting


Should a user access a site that they deem to be inappropriate by accident they should inform the e-safety officer or a teacher who will then inform the e-safety officer.  Pupils should activate screening software immediately (Hector Protector).  The site will be recorded in the e-safety log and filtering adjusted if necessary.


Should a user discover deliberate misuse or abuse or is the victim of cyber-bullying they should inform the e-safety officer or a teacher who will then inform the e-safety officer.  All incidents will be recorded in the e-safety log and acted on.


Use of school equipment


School laptops and equipment should only be used by the nomintated school employee and for educational use only.

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