Equality and Diversity Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy



It is the intention of the governing body that the policy should reviewed annually. It is a general statement of the commitment to Equal Opportunities.


This school recognises that direct and indirect discrimination might take place and therefore sees the need for a positive and effective equal opportunities policy.

·         We will promote the concept of equality of opportunity throughout the organisation, both for those adults within the community of the school and for all pupils.

·         We seek to develop an understanding of, and promotion of, human equality and equal opportunities.

·         We will promote good relations between members of different racial, cultural and religious groups and communities.

·         We will enable pupils to take responsibility for their behaviour and relationships with others.

The Legal Background

The main statutory provisions covering discrimination are the following:

·         Equal Pay Act 1970

·         Sex Discrimination Acts 1975 and 1986

·         Race Relations Act 1976

·         Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

·         Disability Discrimination Act 1995

·         Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000

·         Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001

·         Race Relations Act 1976 (General Statutory Duty: Code of Practice) Regulations 2002

The School’s values, aims and objectives all accord with the equal treatment of people promoted by these laws and regulations, and the rights enshrined in the Human Rights Act 1998.


The governing body will monitor and review the working of the policy and procedures by allocation of duties to committees of the governing body.

The Head has responsibility for the equal opportunities policy, and for delegating responsibilities and tasks to other staff, and for ensuring that the policy is known and understood by staff, pupils and parents.

The Head must also present general reports, statistics and incident reports to the governing body and its committees as agreed.

All staff are responsible for following the policy and reporting incidents of unequal treatment to the appropriate senior member of staff.

Employment of Staff


·         Advertisements and job specifications will all carry a statement that this School is an Equal Opportunities employer, and welcomes applications from all posts from appropriately qualified persons regardless of sex, race, religion, disability or age.

·         Candidates for vacant posts will be assessed against relevant criteria only, ie skills, qualifications and experience in selection for recruitment.

·         The school will make and keep information about the sex, ethnic background, disability and age of candidates for appointments, and actual appointments.

Staff Development

·         All employees have equal chances of training, career development and promotion.

·         All recruits to the organisation will be offered induction training, which will include a reference to the organisation's equal opportunities policy.

·         Staff development opportunities will be monitored and figures presented to the governors annually, or more often if requested by the governing body19. All staff, and in particular those concerned with selection and promotion, are given equality awareness training.


·         Pupils have equal access to the National Curriculum programmes of study (unless disapplied) throughout each Key Stage, and non-compulsory courses, according to aptitude and ability.

·         The school is committed to full educational inclusion (see SEND policy).

·         Annual analysis of attainment, behaviour and other student data will be undertaken by gender, ethnic background and ability.

·         All subjects will have equality of opportunity at their core and make explicit references within schemes of work.

·         School and faculty development plans will act to improve the learning of pupils according to this analysis.

·         School rules and the Code of Conduct for pupils clearly and explicitly forbid the verbalisation or vocalisation of discrimination on the grounds of race, culture, religious, gender, sexuality and ability/disability.

·         Positive attitudes and awareness development for equality of opportunity is specifically taught through the PSHCE programme.

·         All subjects will have equality of opportunity at their core and make explicit references within schemes of work.

Racist or Homophobic Bullying

·         All staff have a legal duty not to bully or otherwise harass other staff.

·         Where staff come across incidents involving racist or homophobic bullying they must report these to the appropriate senior member of staff.

·         All incidents of racist or homophobic bullying amongst pupils will be taken seriously, and must be dealt with appropriately and reported to the appropriate senior member of staff.



Venues for meetings will take account of the needs of all participants.

Venues for teaching and learning will take into account the particular needs of the learners and teacher/teaching assistant.




Language used in documents will reflect and promote equal opportunities and font style and size will take account of the full range of reader


Reports to the Police

Incidents that involve racist elements which need to be reported to the police will be done so via the schools Police Liaison Officer


Monitoring and Review

This policy will be annually reviewed, and improved and developed as appropriate within the governors policy review schedule.

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