Communications Network Acceptable Use Policy For Visitors

Lord Blyton Primary School


Acceptable Use Policy for all Visitors


As a visitor to Lord Blyton Primary School using the Northern Grid for Learning’s Network or Service you are required to comply with this Acceptable User Policy (AUP). Not to do so will result in this service being withdrawn.


All users should note that our network is monitored on a regular basis. Any

user who is found to deliberately infringe this policy may be subject to disciplinary procedures or legal action.


You are not allowed to:


·   Use a school PC or laptop without using an individual logon supplied by the school.

·   Access the internet without using our cache pilot

·   Attempt to access any website deemed as illegal or inappropriate.

·   Infect the Northern Grid LAN and WAN with Viruses, SPAM,  etc.

·   Send emails, which are defamatory or offensive in any way.

·   Send or receive materials or data which is:

·  in violation of any law or regulation, this includes but is not exclusive to; child abuse images,

·  incitement to racial hatred, direct threats of physical harm etc.

·  which is defamatory, offensive, abusive, indecent, obscene

·  which constitutes harassment

·  is in breach of confidence, privacy, trade secrets

·  is in breach of any third party Intellectual Property rights (including copyright)

·  is in breach of any other rights or has any fraudulent purpose of effect.

·  All machines connected to the school network must have full up to date and appropriate anti virus and anti SPAM protection.


If you receive images or accidentally access material, which you

believe could be illegal or inappropriate it is important that you make no attempt to investigate the content. Please report this to the member of staff who you are working with. 

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