Asthma Policy

Asthma Policy



The school:-


  • Recognises that asthma is a widespread, serious but controllable condition and the school welcomes all pupils with asthma
  • Ensures that pupils with asthma can and do participate fully in all aspects of school life, including art lessons, PE, science, visits, outings or field trips and other out of hours school activities
  • Recognises that pupils with asthma need immediate access to reliever inhalers at all times
  • Keeps a record of all pupils with asthma and the medicines they take
  • Ensures that the whole school environment, including the physical, social, sporting and educational environment, is a favourable to pupils with asthma
  • Ensures that all pupils understand asthma
  • Ensures that all staff (including supply teachers and support staff) who come into contact with pupils with asthma know what to do in an asthma attack
  • Understand that pupils with asthma may experience bullying and has procedures in place to prevent this
  • Will work in partnership with all interested parties including the school’s governing body, all school staff, school nurses, parents/cares, employers of school staff, doctors, nurses and pupils to ensure the policy is planned, implemented and maintained successfully.


Asthma medicines


Immediate access to reliever medicines is essential.  Pupils with asthma are encouraged to carry their reliever inhaler as soon as the parent/carer, doctor or asthma nurse and class teacher agree they are mature enough.  The reliever inhalers of older children are kept in the classroom if they are able to administer their own inhaler.


Parents/carers are asked to ensure that the school is provided with a labelled spare reliever inhaler.  The class teacher will hold this separately in case the pupils own inhaler runs out, or is lost or forgotten.  All inhalers must be labelled with the child’s name by the parent/carer.


School staff are not required to administer asthma medicines to pupils (except in an emergency), however many of the staff at this school are happy to do this. 


School staff who agree to administer medicines are insured by the local authority when acting in agreement with this policy.  All school staff will let pupils take their own medicines when they need to.


Record keeping


At the beginning of each school year or when a child joins the school, parents/carers are asked if their child has any medical conditions including asthma on their enrolment form.



Exercise and activity PE, swimming  and games


Taking part in sports, games and activities is an essential part of school life for all pupils.  All teachers know which children in their class have asthma and teachers at the school are aware of which pupils have asthma from the school’s asthma register.


Pupils with asthma are encouraged to participate fully in all PE lessons.


Out of Hours


There has been a large emphasis in recent years on increasing the number of children and young people involved in exercise and sport in and outside of school.  The health benefits of exercise are well documented and this is also true for children and young people with asthma.  It is therefore important that the school involve pupils with asthma as much as possible in after school clubs.



When a pupil is falling behind in lessons


If a pupil is missing a lot of time at school or is always tired because their asthma is disturbing their sleep at night, the class teacher will initially talk to the parents/carers to work out how to prevent their child from falling behind.  If appropriate, the teacher will then talk to the school nurse and special education needs coordinator about the pupil’s needs.


The school recognises that it is possible for pupils with asthma to have special education needs due to their asthma.


Asthma Attacks


All staff who come into contact with pupils with asthma know what to do in the event of an asthma attack.  Staff have undergone training in how to deal with asthma/allergy attacks


Access and Review of Policy


The Asthma Policy will be accessible to all staff  and the community through school’s website.  Hard copies can be obtained through the school office.  This policy will be reviewed on a two yearly cycle.

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