Contractors Safety Management Policy

Lord Blyton School is committed to ensuring the Health and Safety and Welfare of contractors and visitors while they are on the school premises.  Any restricted areas will be clearly defined and where necessary restraints (e.g. barriers) installed.  All School employees have a responsibility to ensure such areas are respected.  Authorised contractors coming on to the premises will be advised by the school of its own Health and Safety Policy but it is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure that their employees are fully aware of the contents of the Staff Safety Manual as it affects their work.


All contractors must supply the school with a copy of their Health and Safety Policy, scheme of work and a risk assessment documents.  The Head Teacher, Office Manager or Caretaker must sight these.




A contractor is a person, other than an employee, who is engaged to perform work at a workplace ( i.e. a plumber, builder, electrician, etc)




Lord Blyton School is committed to ensuring that all contractors engaged to perform work at the school comply with the necessary health and safety requirements while the work is performed.




When working on our property, all contractors and self-employed persons will:


·        Meet the requirements of Workplace Safety and Health Act and regulations and follow the applicable policies and procedures established by the school.


·        Maintain work areas in a safe manner and correct unsafe working conditions as they are identified;


·        Instruct Contract employees in safe work procedures and advise them of the hazards on the job and in the working environment


·        Ensure that all contract work is completed in a manner that does not jeopardise the safety of anyone in the work area.


·        Provide safe tools and equipment, all necessary personal and protective clothing and emergency response equipment and first aid supplies required for contractor use


·        Maintain Workers’ Compensation Board coverage for employees




The school has consulted with the contractors/asset management to ensure compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004.


Contractors arriving at the school should:


·        Report to Reception and report to either the Office Manager/Caretaker

·        Contractors must register in the visitors book (daily)

·        They will be provided with a visitors ID badge (they must be worn at all times)

·        Provide necessary documentation (risk assessments etc/proof of ID)

·        They will be shown site map and restricted areas (fire evacuation points

·        Advised of sign in and out when leaving the building

·        They will be given a copy of the asbestos register and a plan of the school where there is asbestos.


Management and contractors should communicate to ensure that the workplace remains a healthy and safe place for all staff, students and others.  Issues to be discussed prior to commencement of work may include:


·        How will the work affect school activities (e.g. machinery, noise, dust ect)

·        Safety arrangements the contractor will have in place

·        Vehicle and equipment movement in the school grounds

·        Timing of certain activities

·        Areas of the school that will be affected

·        Maintenance of essential utility services

·        Managing excessive noise, dust or fumes

·        Protocols for communication between the school and the contractor

·        Hand over process at the competition of work.




All school staff and students need to be fully informed of any special arramentments during contractor works and kept informed of changes that may impact on the routine school operations


Contractors are required and expected to remove all rubbish that has accumulated from the work task.


The contractor must provide the school with a risk assessment for each task of work that is to be completed around the school.


Upon competition of work at the school the Head Teacher/Office Manager/Caretaker must inspect the works to ensure that the site is left free from hazards and presents no risk of injury to any person.


Only once the school is happy that the work has been completed to the highest standard should it be signed off as completed.

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